Fiio K1

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| 441 25-07-2018 11:10

It happens to everyone – you buy good headphones and realise that it's not 16-32 Ohm model. Almost all good monitor models are at least 80 Ohm, so you need an external amplifier/DAC to listen to your music and not to lose the signal.
I was pretty sceptical about this since the output volume of my Mac was pretty enough, but it's not only about the volume. When I connected my headphones to the Pioneer amp at home, I realised that this is absolutely another level, more bass and low mids, in general my 770s sounded absolutely differently.
I started looking for something which would support my new 80 Ohm headphones and be pretty cheap (I've already paid that much for headphones, don't wanna pay 500e for that super preamp!) and.. there was nothing interesting for less than 200-500e. I realised that DAC would be a much better idea: just a simple but good DAC, which would support plugging to USB device and enough power for 80-100 Ohm models.
Fiio K1 was the best thing which I could find – low price, really good DAC, support for even 100 Ohm models, low weight, potential support of connecting it using Lightning (there is a special adaptor). I couldn't believe when I got it that for this price you get what you 'd achieve only with pretty expensive headphone preamps.
Thanks to Fiio for this model, this is a really cool and portable DAC. 5/5

| Fred 25-07-2018 10:48

De FIIO K1 wordt geleverd met een kabeltje van de FIIO (micro usb) naar de laptop (usb). Het apparaat is klein en schijnt een aluminium behuizing te hebben. Maakt mij niet uit. Het is een genot om via deze usb dac naar muziek te luisteren. Hij overtreft de geluidskaart van mijn (toch wel stevige) Dell.
deze usb dac kan niet aan een telefoon of tablet gekoppeld worden. Dat wil zeggen, een kabel micro usb/micro usb er tussen geeft geen geluid. Overigens staat dat ook in de gebruiksaanwijzing.

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